What’s our story?

Dr. Rita Goyal founded VirtualMDvisit in 2017 after 20 years of medical experience including private practice, emergency room, hospital medicine, and urgent care.

"I love helping people and have always enjoyed interacting with my patients. However, over the years, I’ve realized the time has come to change the way we practice medicine. Through the years of Emergency Room work, Urgent Care work and Hospital work, I've treated just about every kind of patient, some in extremely serious conditions and others involved in "minor health hiccups", meaning healthy young people with an inconvenient short term sickness or illness, and these patients have to wait the longest in a "triage" system, which can be very frustrating and inefficient, there had to be a better way..."

Dr. Rita Goyal
After a particular encounter with a patient during an office visit, Rita was inspired.

“There was a young father who was working from home on a Saturday. His wife was gone for the day for her job, so he had his hands full trying to work and take care of the kids. He woke up with pinkeye that he had gotten from his toddler. When the pediatrician treated the child, she understandably couldn’t give him a prescription for eye drops as well. The Dad had driven to our office 45 minutes one way and waited in the urgent care waiting room for over two hours before the nurse even called him back.

It was a simple diagnosis that should have taken just a few minutes but the entire process took up over half of his day. As I entered the prescription for his eye drops into the computer, I thought to myself, "This could have been so much easier for him.”

That led to me to consider several questions. How accessible is quality healthcare in low service areas? Is it really affordable and even somewhat convenient for most patients? A virtual visit by a board-certified physician could make so many people’s lives better.

That’s when I started planning VirtualMDvisit. I knew there was a better way. We’re thrilled to provide patients with this service.”

- Dr. Rita Goyal