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Rita Goyal, MD


Medical Education & Professional Experience:

Undergraduate: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Medical school: University of Alabama at School of Medicine
Residency: St. Vincent's East Family Practice residency in Birmingham, AL
Practice: Family Medicine, Emergency Room, Hopitalist, Urgent Care
Experience: 20 years
States licensed: Alabama
Language: English

Why is VirtualMDvisit a good fit for you?

"I talk to patients over the phone all the time, listening to their concerns and stories. Asking questions and communication are vital to appropriate healthcare delivery. I love being able to make a difference in someone’s day, particularly when I get to help them feel better quickly."

What is your medical background?

I'm a board-certified family medicine physician with over 20 years of experience including being an emergency room physician, urgent care physician, private practice primary care, hospital medicine physician and academic medicine at a University based Urgent Care center, where I still see urgent care patients.

I love the flexibility that my training has given me. My first "medical job" was in College, where I was an EMT, responding to 911 calls, doing CPR on gurneys in the back of ambulances, the whole thing!

Through the years of Emergency Room work, Urgent Care work and Hospital work, I've treated just about every kind of patient, some in extremely serious conditions and others involved in "minor health hiccups", meaning healthy young people with an inconvenient short term sickness or illness, and these patients have to wait the longest in a "triage" system, which can be very frustrating and inefficient, there had to be a better way...

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